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5) Check for Blocked Condenser. Look around your unit outdoor and make sure nothing has been stacked against it, or weeds, leaves, or debris are covering the condenser.  If you covered the unit for the winter, make sure you have removed the Cover! The condenser needs to be unrestricted so the air will flow properly and the system can work  to peak efficiency.

6) Check for Closed Registers. If you shut registers in your house to conserve energy in unused rooms, you may be restricting the air flow in your system. Be careful not to close down too many.

Remember, it is important to schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance! This will help make sure your units are oiled, lubricated, cleaned, always ready to go & providing optimal performance! If you neglect your HVAC system, it will only be a matter of time before you have problems. Two visits per year is ideal, and the best times of year for maintenance are spring and fall, in between the busy seasons.  Custom Comfort offers a
Peace of Mind Annual Maintenance Plan to take the worry out of having to remember to schedule annual maintenance.

If you're not able to fix the issue after going through this checklist or your unit is in need of regular maintenance, contact the HVAC experts at Custom Comfort.

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​​HVAC Repair Homeowner Checklist

Th​ere are times when a visit from an HVAC technician isn’t needed. Before you call for HVAC repair, you may want to review this checklist. Your issue could be something simple that you are comfortable fixing yourself, which can save you time and money. But if not, our technicians are here to help 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  Just give us a call!

1) Check Thermostat. You’d be amazed how often settings on the Thermostat cause issues that result in an HVAC technician visit. Thermostats may not be set to heat, or be set to come on at a very high temperature. Take a moment and check your settings before calling. If your thermostat uses batteries and it isn’t lighting up, the batteries could be dead. Also, make sure the thermostat was reset if you’ve recently had a power outage.

2) Check Circuit Breakers/Fuses. Is the circuit breaker tripped? Turn it all the way off, then on again. (If the circuit keeps tripping, you need to schedule a HVAC technician to find out why.) Is there a blown fuse?Sometimes a jolt of electrical energy can trip a breaker, so it's worthwhile to investigate the fuse box before calling for help. Every once in a blue moon, someone with a power outage doesn't realize the power is out and calls in to report that their HVAC isn’t working. 

3) Check Air Filter.  If your HVAC unit doesn’t seem to be blowing sufficient air through vents, it could be the result of a clogged filter. A dirty, clogged air filter is a common culprit of many unnecessary calls. A clogged air filter can cause your unit to run hard and long. HVAC filters should be changed regularly,  and will help your HVAC systeems last longer and operate more efficiently. This is especially true during months of heavy use, like summer and winter. 

4) Check Indoor and Outdoor Switches. Some units have switches next to the indoor air handler and outdoor A/C unit. Occasionally someone will hit one of these switches, so if that’s a concern, check these switches before calling for service. Also check Reset or Emergency shut-off switches. ​