Heating and Cooling Maintenance

Nothing in your house can have more impact on your comfort than your heating and cooling system. Custom Comfort’s HVAC maintenance plans include bi-annual checkups and expert tune-ups. These tune-ups will improve energy efficiency because the HVAC technician will change dirty filters and fix other problems that would impact efficiency. This will ultimately reduce your electricity bills.


Custom Comfort’s maintenance plans are an investment in prevention. Enjoy peace of mind as Northeast Ohio summer and winter tempuratures can be extreme. Maintaining your furnace and central air conditioning system is a wise decision. Call us at 330-848-4580

  • Bi-Annual Inspection
    • Filter Check
    • Electrical Connection Check
    • Contactor and Relay Check
    • Voltage and Amperage Check
    • Safety Controls Check
    • Thermostat Adjustment Check
  • Spring Air Conditioning Inspection
    • Condensate Drain Cleaning
    • Operating Pressures Check
    • Refrigerant Level Check
    • Cooling Coil Temperature Check
  • Fall Furnace Inspection
    • Pilot Flame Sensor
    • Gas Pressure Adjustment
    • Combustion, Draft, Flue Check
    • Iginition Check
    • Operating Pressures Check
    • Carbon Monoxide Leak Check
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