Why is my furnace making a loud noise?

If your furnace blower motor or draft inducer is failing, you may hear you a loud noise. You should call or send us a message to have it evaluated.

  • Blower motor has an issue
    • The motor could be seizing up causing a humming sound or other loud noise. This could also create a foul smell.
    • The blower wheel might be coming apart. This could cause a loud noise or a ratteling sound.
  • Draft inducer motor may be failing
    • Your draft inducer blows the flue gas out of your furnace. It has a motor and blower wheel that could be failing. This would certainly cause a humming or screeching noise.
  • Ductwork popping and/or expanding
    • When your furnace blower starts up, it pressurizes your ductwork. That could cause a pooping sound in the ductwork. It will also pop when the motor shuts down.
  • Dirty air filter
    • A dirty air filter will make the blower motor work harder to pull the air through the system. This may cuase a windy/ air noise.
  • Poor combustion of gas
    • When a furnace doesn’t ignite well, it can make a boom sound. This happens when burners are dirty and need cleaning.
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