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Home Air Purification Systems

The next air purification option that you have can be installed into the ductwork too. Electronic filters are high-tech units that passes the air through a high-voltage current and puts an electrical charge on particles. At the other end of the unit, oppositely charged collector plates grab the particles like a magnet.


Basic Media Filters

Fiberglass Air Filters

A step above this basic air filtration is installing a basic media filter. These filters contain an accordion-like pile of filtration media and are more effective than regular fiberglass filters. However, they must be installed by a professional HVAC contractor because the large filter holder must be plumbed into the ductwork.

Ultraviolet Air Filters

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Electronic Air Filters

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Household air can be filtered through your homes forced-air heating or central air conditioning system by building filters into the return air duct work, trapping particles as the air passes through. 

The best solution to the air pollution in your home will depend on the type of scope of the particular problem, your homes characteristics, and your families specific health concerns and budget. 

There are four different levels of home air purification.

Last but not least, ultraviolet filters are built in components to whole house electronic precipitator. The ultraviolet light zaps airborne bacteria and viruses, making them obsolete. This is the best option for people worried primarily about germs. 

If you have a forced-air furnace already installed, you already have the most basic type of air purification in your home. The filters that you change regularly work to remove particles from the air.